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Cendence Controller


Here is a link to to the Cendence Controller manual.  


This first video, you can all probably scroll through the first few minutes, as it explains how to set up the crystal sky and the Cendence controller. It then moves through the options and features of the remote. I found this explanation and controller walk-through helpful.  


Here is a video that basically repeats alot of information you have already learned, but his accent reminds me of my family down south, so I like it.  


Here is something extra; another device, with a little bit of cost to it, called a Patch Antenna. It replaces our current antennas, and gives us quite a bit of extra signal gain (signal strength). I attached a link for the product itself, and also a video review of the Patch Antenna. More research should be done on it.


Here is the product page  


Here is the review video of the Patch antenna  


By now, you should have an excellent understanding of the Cendence controller and it's capabilities. You should know the basic and some advanced features of the controller. 

If you would like me to work with you on the remote, I will be happy to setup a time with you to do so.

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