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Crystalsky Monitor


Here is the manual/user guide for the DJI CrystalSky Monitor. 


Here is a video that is a general review of the Crystalsky monitor. I was not able to find very good videos about the monitor. Maybe one of you can find some and send them to the rest of us.  


The monitor itself is pretty simple. One of the main things I wanted to learn was how to stream the video feed from the controller or the slave controller to a TV or projector. I was able to hook the slave controller up to the TV in the kitchen at Station 3 and view the video feed. We accomplished this back in early Spring of this year via an HDMI cable. We have gotten the OK to place a TV in 633 for this very reason, but I have not gotten all the information I need yet to make this happen. 


Crystal Sky monitor cover


We have talked about getting a screen cover for sun blocking. Here is one listed below that looks like it would work. 


Product page  


Here is a product information video on the hood. 


 Here is a walk through on installation and use, in the event your opinions are to purchase this device, you are further prepared.  



By now, you should have an excellent understanding of the CrystalSky Monitor and it's capabilities. You should know the basic of the CrystalSky Monitor. 

If you would like me to work with you on anything with monitor, I will be happy to setup a time with you to do so.

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