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Matrice Drone Info

The first link attached here is the manual for the Matrice M210 Drone

Look through the manual on specific operating instructions. I believe you all have a fairly good understanding of up, down, left, and right movement. You will get better and better if you just get out and fly. If you would like someone there with you, please ask. I am also more than willing to be there with you.    


I have added to this email the recent video from Flymotion, the video that Dan passed along on the basic setup of the M210 as well as the one from DSLR Pros. I think we all have a good understanding of this process already, but we will keep these training videos on hand for future pilots.


Flymotion Video 


DSLR Pros  


This next video gives a good basic overall feature list of the DJI M210. You probably know all the features this video informs the viewer of, but it's a good, quick watch.    


Next is a video that gives 3simple points on the M210 and it's payloads. The 3 points are as follows:

1. DJI Pilot app with two payloads-2 cameras

2. Dual payloads-2 cameras, either control cameras independently or simultaneously

3. FPV camera


Here is that video 


I thought about adding some videos or links on how to fly the drone and looked for some, but as our Drone is an enterprise drone and a more advanced drone, not many "basic" operation videos could be found. If you find some that may be helpful, send them out. For now, if you need video assistance, google "basic drone operating skills" and plenty of video should pop up for you.


Selecting Channels-Auto/Manual...2.4GHZ vs. 5. GHZ

You ave probably heard me talk befoe about channels and GHZ-switching between 2.4 and 5.8. I have probably failed to explain to most of you how you do that, and more importantly why you would do that. Here is an excellent video that explains all of that for you, better than I can, but like I should have. After this video, you should have an excellent understanding.,  



Rain Shield (product)

We have been called out in some rainy weather lately. Our Drone is not waterproof. It is highly water resistant, but not waterproof.

Every precaution we can take to protect the Drone in case we are called out in some wet weather is a good precaution to take.

Below is a Rain Shield for the front of the M210 to protect the weakest part, or most susceptible to water, part of the M210.  


Here is a great video that will explain the Rain Shield and the IP rating of our M210, as well as the  usage of the Rain Shield  



If you have operating questions on the M210, let me know and we can look for the answers or solutions as needed.

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