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Lume Cubes (Spot Lights)

The link below is the basic tutorial for the Lume Cubes-"whats are the parts and pieces to the Lume Cubes?" 


This next link, is a link that gives you the instructions on how to use the Lume Cube app, and connect your phone to the Lume Cubes for more features and ease of access use. 


MacDrop Sling Load Drop System  

Here is a video on the attachment and the use of the drop system. Since it is already attached, skip to the 4:03 mark in the first video link for the use and operation on the controller. Remember to wrap the power cord over the propeller arm before you plug it into the aux. power in the rear of the drone so it does not interfere with the anti collision sensor on the bottom of the drone. 


Also, another video about the drop system that is useful.

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