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Below are some videos and information on features found in the Go4 app that you may have seen, but have not used or flown in, or maybe you don't even know they exist. Look through the information. These may be good for you to investigate more and learn to use.

See the PDF attachment on intelligent flight modes, and how to enter into them, and the restrictions for them as well. Please note that the manual, being older, does not give direction on some of the newer, firmware updated Intelligent Flight mode applications. Those, you will need to investigate on your own.

DJI GO – Intelligent Flight Mode: Point of Interest

DJI GO – Intelligent Flight Mode: Course Lock and Home Lock

DJI GO – Intelligent Flight Mode: Waypoints  

Here is a simple explanation video of the waypoints feature in the Go App.  


DJI GO – Intelligent Flight Mode: Tap to Fly
This feature, I have not used yet, so I can not offer much insight on it. But I have read up on it and learned about it. I will attempt this on one of my next flights.  

DJI Live Streaming
Please see the PDF attached, or the picture below. Youtube has tightened the restrictions on Live Streaming, due to various reasons. We are unable to live stream currently, but I am working on finding a solution. Stand by...

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