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Drone Devices & Tools Update

**Note: when updating any firmware for the Drone, make sure to read the Release Notes on the DJI website and see what additional actions may need to be taken along with the Drone Firmware update. You may be required to update cameras along with the drone firmware in order to get the cameras to work properly with the drone**


Matrice firmware update video
Below is a video that walks you through how to update the Firmware on the drone. Also, you may refer to page 80 in the manual. 



Also watch this next video is important, as it says in this video, that when you do a firmware update on the drone, you need to do it over and over again until you have done it with each set of batteries. Like I mentioned at the top, under all of the release notes, there are notes that tell you what additional actions need to be taken, such as camera updates, battery updates, gimbal compatibility, etc...make sure you are all set with everything before you update.  

Third party written publication on Matrice firmware update 


FlySafe Database
Here is a video that walks you through the Flysafe database update. This is something I will be working on in the next couple of days. I have attempted this update before, but it did not take, so I must have done something incorrect.  

TB55 and TB50 Battery updates
(each battery needs to be connected and updated when drone firmware is updated)

I have attached this video to the Matrice Drone updates section above, as you will need to update the firmware with each set of batterries in. This video gives a helpful tip on doing that, via the DJI Assistant 2 app.   


Zenmuse Z30 and Zenmuse XT (note: the video is for the Zenmuse XT2, but all camera updates follow the same procedure a sin the video)  


Pilot App Firmware update  


Go4 App update  


Cendence controller update 

Also attached to this email, is an excerpt from the DJI manual that reference the updating of the cenedence controller, as needed.


CrystalSky update
Below is a written, step by step description from DJI on how to update the firmware package on the CrystalSky. Note that in the listed step by step below, the newest firmware may have a different title or numbers associated with it. 


 Battery Charging HUB updates

Refer to page 35 in the DJI Matrice manual, or the attachment to this email about updating the charging HUB, as needed.

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